Clevo Modem Driver 2. Clevo LS Modem Driver 1. Dell Inspiron Agere Modem Driver. I thought that LCD was pretty good for the money. I would go with the P4 setup, but change the chip to 2.

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Msi PR Modem Drivers 2. I can’t speak from expierience about the Intel board though.

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Uniwill IA3 Modem Driver 1. Alcatel SpeedTouch Modem Firmware 4. I am buying all of my products from newegg. SilviuWolfgang Schneider. Chris EdigerKevin Snively. Clevo MA Modem Driver Clevo Modem Driver. For that matter, pick up a shuttle an35n for cheap. If you were to change your mind though and decide to overclock, get a Mobile Athlon chip and a decent HSF combo instead. Silicom Multimedia Modem Master 1. WinBook C Modem Driver. Seanix N2 Modem Driver.