Apart from the fact that they’re cheap, tiny lightweight cameras make it easy to play with goofy photographic ideas. The DualPix also offers a by pixel resolution mode – indeed, it defaults to this “HQ” mode when you turn it on. Finally my PC got up to speed! Intensity curve tweaking would make the picture even nicer, but I didn’t do any; this is just the scaled picture straight off the memory card. The PenCam Ultra overexposed the background as well, but not as badly, and it did a better job on the rest of the scene as well. If you want to at least have a swing at taking quality photographs, though, the Hercules DualPix is the way to go. While you do dishes!

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Would you like to make a calendar? The other side of the Ultra’s circuit board, with the battery dangling. And most of the scene is pretty dimly lit, so the VC 2 decided to set its exposure rather high, resulting in quite bright rocks and a nuclear-blast background. You can see them quite clearly if you click the thumbnails for the full-resolution images.

The following pictures have all been Photoshop-tweaked. Much less grain, but it’s still washed out. Still washed out, still replete with circular tiny-lens distortion effects, but not horribly fuzzy. If, of course, you have an interesting subject, and something that could with a following wind qualify as photographic ability, and if you post-process the bejaysus out of the washed-out, grainy output from your cheap little camera.


PenCam Ultra I get the feeling that Aiptek isn’t aiming this product at big hairy men who subscribe to Soldier of Fortune and own Rottweilers.

Intensity curve tweaking would make the picture even nicer, but I didn’t do any; this is just the scaled picture straight off the memory card. When I went outside on a sunny day and panned quickly around various leafy trees penxam – creating something of a worst case scenario for compression, with tons of detail penxam each frame and not much similarity between succeeding frames – the frame rate fell to 3. A little focus-bracketing gave me this quite sharp, though still grainy, penca, light image So if you want your photos in a reasonable format, you’ve got to recompress them yourself.

The DualPix has a proper threaded tripod socket on the bottom of it, too. Emphasis on the oughtthere – see the image tests below Behold, therefore, pwncam recent contenders in this market.

The big news in the DualPix software bundle is, unusually, its driver utility. Hercules’ page for the DualPix Aiptek’s site Buy a camera! It remembers that it’s in silent mode when it’s turned off, too.

I don’t know what the rest of the memory, if it exists, is pejcam. Use timer mode and spin the camera around on its wrist strap while it takes a shot. This option requires basic OS understanding. I found it difficult to judge the point where a note would be neither too faint to hear nor too loud and distorted.

The L’s hardly a new camera now, but it still takes better pictures than all but the nicest consumer digicams, and it still sells for a great deal more than all three of the little cameras put together.


The size and frame rate of the clips the DualPix makes depends on the subject matter and lighting. I was interested to see what the Ultra’s little battery looked like, so I cracked the camera’s case.

Driver Aiptek PenCam Trio N/A

The viewfinder oddities don’t affect the pictures the camera takes, of course. Regrettably, the viewfinder is very basic and doesn’t even have a frame-indicating rectangle overlay, so you can’t tell how well lined up vt eye is with the camera. You have to use the “PenCam Manager” software to get images out of the camera memory. So it’s no great loss that it doesn’t. On with the show. But, as any pinhole photographer will tell you, you do not need fancy gear to take great photos.

Aiptek Pencam Vr Manager Driver Download

But many tiny-cams won’t give you anything worth bothering with in such a situation, if they’ll take a picture at all. But the frame rate was only 4. It puts a dumb little always-on-top box up on the screen while it does it, but you can’t have everything. pecam

Would you like to make v tract encouraging people to visit your church? Since the DualPix works in any lighting conditions, I felt obliged to do some night shooting with it.