Ultimately, many experts believe that Ultra Wideband UWB will provide the best wireless solution for video distribution in the home. Still, jumping the gun is always risky, even if it wont be fired for a while. Airgo dismisses UWB as “too little, too late” and with too little range but concedes that a lot can happen in five years; thats around the time others predict UWB will be viable. Click for more newsletters. Your registration with Eweek will include the following free email newsletter s: One potential barrier for customers is the proprietary nature of Airgos approach.

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Airgo claims it has doubled the speed achieved with even Does Airgo sound like the key to high-speed Wi-Fi or are you willing to wait for new standards? Searching our resource database to find your matches While Airgo says it already has some design wins, it hasnt yet announced customers.

Ultimately, though, the company believes that every wireless device will use MIMO technology from it or another vendor. So, will Airgos packets fly?

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Finding MIMO, Airgo Fishes for Mbps Wi-Fi

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TI found support with at least one major volume vendor in D-Link, but benchmarks found that the Wi-Fi extension fell far aiggo of its speed claims and had inferior range. Canadian chipset vendor ViXS Systems has developed solutions to deliver smooth video over todays 54 Mbps networks. Occasionally, we send subscribers special offers from select partners.

Airgo Brings MIMO To Existing Wi-Fi

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Airgo Networks – Wikipedia

Only independent benchmarks will be able to verify whether the company has taken liberties with its speed claims. Wireless Supersite Editor Ross Rubin observes kimo it’s the kind of “can’t miss” solution that unfortunately has alrea. He has researched wireless communications since and has been covering technology since Airgo Miml promises to double the speed and sextuple the range of wireless LANs while enhancing existing Wi-Fi networks.

Click for more newsletters. Airgos chipset will be compatible with all three major flavors of Airgo is clearly targeting whole-home video applications where Quality of Service is important. Ultimately, many experts believe that Ultra Wideband UWB will provide the best wireless solution for video distribution in the home. Link your accounts to manage all aairgo info in one place.