K stands for black. Posted on May 20, Be the first to answer. I have friends that never open a computer book for software or hardware. Answered on Jan 06, Best Selling in Printers See all.

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Locate and press the LF switch once with the power switch. If you want one, you can buy from http: The printer should start printing a series of letters, numbers, horizontal lines and a black solid bar at the bottom of the sheet. Many people buy two or more printers it is difficult to find just one printer that prints crisp text and color graphics or photographs.

Answered on Nov 15, This system is called CYMK. The controller creates a precision, high-density print pattern for each dot, selects the correct ink and fuses the image to the print surface. Follow the steps below to perform the print head check. You should handle a page, especially one with a lot of dense color on it, with care.

Enjoy easy-handling smooth printing!

Alps MD5000

FEATURES Dye sub inks are smear-proof and waterproof; Dye sub inks are no-dot, continuous tone; Standard Micro Dry inks are fade-proof, waterproof, and smear-proof; White inks are available for a wide variety of applications; Metallic inks are available for greeting cards, business cards and alpd applications; Gold and silver foil inks are available for greeting cards, business cards and other applications; Alps offers a special dye sub paper suitable for photo mug, plates, and tiles; Photographic dye sub mode offers continuous-tone photographic output; Photo-quality print mode offers dpi glossy output on plain paper; Easy to accomplish back-to-back printing is standard; Install up to 7 different ribbon cartridges at one time; Reusable Finish ink is available for extended ribbon life use up to 5 times ; Reusable EconoBlack ink is available for extended ribbon life and inexpensive black-text printing use up md50000 20 times.


There are two User Guides, one printed and the other on the CD, that come with the printer but I found them confusing.

Ifthe problem still exists, then probably you need to replace the motor. There are a variety of settings and dialog boxes you have to familiarize yourself with when you use the MD printer.

It usually is a conflict with the bi-directional communication and the LPT port. Recent Popular Answered Unanswered. Now I have done my research Overlay is a neat feature that allows you to print two consecutive pages on one by keeping the paper in the machine after it has printed so you can change the ribbons and print a second page on the same paper. Once this alpw page is completed, turn the printer off to stop the test. Popular Tags anti curl repair reset win xp sp3.

You may also like. Epson C88 is a inkjet, if that printout gets wet the ink runs! Many of the older versions used only one cartridge filled with cyan, magenta, and yellow ink and one cartridge filled with black ink.


Posted on Jan 21, Be the first to answer. Start,control panel,dvices and printers.

This printer is nice for printing photographs Epson C88 is a inkjet, if that printout gets wet the ink runs! Best Selling in Printers See all.

And if they are large and you have to print them out from the CD, it can be time-consuming. All color printers use tiny dots of those four inks to create various shades of color on the page. For the average enthusiast this printer is md5000 versatile to ignore.

You can use plain paper but a better quality paper will produce better results. Turn the printer off. Yes I see that some may depressed with this printers quality in the actual print outs, but you see many colors all close together, for example, for light blue, you will see white undercoat, with blue lines through it.

Alps MD Overview – CNET

Dithering is more apparent on inkjets Inkjet Printers –Inkjet printers spray ink through tiny jets, or nozzles, onto the paper. Tablets by David Carnoy 7 days ago. They make floppy disk drives, keyboards, and invented the touchpad used on notebook computers.