Remote control handling is different to the one used in the other DiBusb clones and many essential keys do not work at all with X. Or buy a device with better support. I will try to fix that Same device as AB, but it could need linuxtv to works. Add event interface to the System z hardware commit 2. In such a case, your non-listed but working device will likely be reported in your system messages as being one of those previously supported devices. Please check first from that list of devices if I have it already.

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Because the component constitution on many devices are often similar or identical, there may be devices that are unlisted but may actually work with the existing driver framework for previously supported devices.

T2cc the non-HD variant with device ID Closed source userspace drivers mostly Sundtek Advantages: M68K Support Freescale ColdFirea family of processors which is a modern derivative of the processor family.

New version of Anysee E7 T2C?

Anysee Anysee E30 Combo Plus. See these posts for more details: Sometimes a manufacturer forks v4l-dvb all on their own and writes a driver for their device so they can claim Linux support.


TerraTec Cinergy Tt2c Stick.

Just click on the edit icon in the last column of the device’s row. The device comes in two versions, version 1 is supported from Linux kernel version 2.

Anysee Drivers

Comments Immutable Page Search: Sound Add support for hardware that supports offloading compressed audio commit HDA: Note that if your device is similar to or contains components for which driver development is currently being undertaken, then it is possible that you will g2c the developers’ interest and can obtain some assistance that, possibly, leads to full support for your device. Starting out with Sky encrypted channels.

Anysee E30 S2 Plus. The quality of the code if open, there are also cases where you just get a binary blob too often just isn’t good enough and there’s still too much work to be done to make the device work.

DVB-T2 and related drivers

All times are GMT You will need to build the latest media drivers, and download the firmware file [ [19] ]. Add driver for LED flash controller commit bt8xx: If the manufacturer provides open source drivers with an acceptable license, volunteers could technically implement this code in the Linux kernel for true support.

Tested on Ubuntu Please note that kernel version listed here is the version where device ID originally was added. Like modulators, signal anysed, analyzers, sniffers It is possible to install latest LinuxTV. Now I just need to find the time for setting this up.


Retrieved from ” https: If written that way, an out-of-kernel driver can be written, which fully integrates to udev without the disadvantage of closed source or incompatibility to other drivers. USB device 0x is confirmed to have tuner mxlt. The hardware internals list may not be correct – the original driver from avermedia contains references to AF and mxl t.

If you find an article e. Afatech AF declared asworking as AF Add fpe SoC code commit 47x: For more information, see these topics: Antsee times, even if they wished to help, their energies are entirely tied up with other projects.

PID filter table count 15 – limited to about 3 or 4 simultaneous TV channels. If you have details for a particular device, please feel free to clone this entry and add the details.