It’s heavy and relatively power hungry. But compromises are the norm for MP3 portables in this early stage of their commercial development and the pluses of the Nomad Jukebox far outweigh the minor inconveniences. We will go into more detail on it later. To save battery power, the player automatically shuts down if it has been inactive for several minutes. When you hit the search button you can type in the name letter by letter.

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As we said before, Creative’s EAX system is an equalizer on steroids. Jukebox Creative MP3 Players.

Creative NOMAD – Wikipedia

Size and weight is the major tradeoff for jukebox players, but the advantages of capacity and cost per MB of storage weigh very strongly in their favor. Views Read Edit View history. If you have a top-notch home stereo system the Nomad Jukebox makes a fine component, especially since you can record directly to the player without a computer.

See details for additional description. Both the performances of the Nomad Jukebox and Creative’s marketing savvy earned this success. IEEE Parallel port connection. This tutorial is another terrific feature of the Nomad Jukebox, especially for those who are not the most technically adapt.

As we mentioned before, the Jukebox comes standard with crative 6GB laptop hard drive, but as you may have gathered from our disassembly of the unit, getting a replacement hard drive in there is not a big deal. We Test Drive the Rave Clik! As the nomqd months crept up on us, we jhkebox a good coat with big pockets is the best way to travel with the Nomad Jukebox as it carries the weight and breadth of the unit quite well.


The player lets you navigate easily through your library of songs. The Creative Nomad Jukebox establishes ceative mini milestones in the MP3 arena and confirms immediate market credibility to one crwative milestone. The best way we have seen is to go to NomadJukebox.

Like the Personal Jukebox, the Nomad Jukebox is not a perfect player.

Creative NOMAD

This delay may drive type A personalities absolutely crazy, but then they are first ones to complain about the short memory in other portables so it’s a wash. We tried the player with Duracel Ultras to see how regular batteries worked in the player. WAV files are slightly superior to MP3 files, but they take up to 10 times more memory. It walked us through all the features and controls of the player with clear graphics and a guiding voice track.

These models appear as a USB mass storage device to the operating system so that the device can be accessed like any other removable disk, a floppy disk for example. Joggers need to look elsewhere for a portable player. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.


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What makes the Nomad Jukebox a milestone player is a unique array of well-conceived options that should see their way in other players in the future. The buttons are soft because their functions change dependent on which menu screen is displayed. We will go into more detail on it later. Well, it is not as easy as some would like.

While they provide ample power – about four hours of continuous use – the lithium batteries found in the Remote Solution’s Personal Jukebox are better. We highly recommend that owners pick up an auto kit not included for about twenty dollars allowing you to tap into the cigarette lighter adapter for the units power needs.

Digital audio players Creative Technology Limited products Singaporean brands Consumer electronics brands. Below are the settings available through EAX:.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. To improve the keystroke process, Creative added three keys called ‘soft buttons’ which are located just under the display screen.