The utility contains the following items: Stop – Stops the GPS. Solder the Red wire to the Positive post as shown Left. How do you do it? Here’s the link to his website: Our in-vehicle testing was also positive; the Earthmate’s signal retention and tracking accuracy were spot on.

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Solder the Red wire to the Positive post as shown Left. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Response times will vary due to fluctuations in volume and staffing. With his driver Earthmxte have regained that while keeping all the benefits of Parallels. Stop – Stops the GPS.

DeLorme Earthmate GPS Lt Antenna Receiver USB | eBay

No, create an account now. Earthmate DB9 pin assignment by wire color.

The Good Solid receiver; reasonably priced; can be worn on your belt or easily mounted in your vehicle. Exit – Exits the utility.

USB Delorme Earthmate patch, it works!!!!

I’m trying to help him out by posting here and I don’t want it to become a liability for him. The Earthmate GPS reciever can be configured to work with up to three different applications at the same time. The Bad Bulky; could use a style makeover.


Our in-vehicle testing was also positive; the Earthmate’s signal retention and tracking accuracy were spot on.

Although not nearly as slick looking as the Pharos or TeleType receivers, the Earthmate can be worn on a belt or clipped onto your vehicle’s sun visor, both of which afford a clear view of the sky. Eearthmate about a webcam driver. How do you do it?

Wouldn’t MANY users benefit from this? Install battery cover and you are done. Do you already have an account? Download Now 14 MB. Other wise the window size earthmatf.

Prepare the USB Cable and connect it. We were generally pleased with the Earthmate’s ability to lock on to the requisite four satellite signals in 40 seconds, although it fared no better than other GPS units with the exception of the Belkin GPS in our downtown Manhattan tests. Restart the computer when prompted.


Well, the other day while I was looking eartmhate the new version of Street Atlas on the Delorme website, I stumbled across a patch. Click Download Now at the bottom of this list. VictorOct 1, If this document does not resolve your problem, try searching for other help documents or, if your issue is not addressed within this site, send an email to DeLorme Technical Support.


It is amazing how well this unit performs now that it has a good power source. This program lets you select which grids you want to sync to your PDA. Street-level maps for the New York tristate region requires 28MB of memory.

This week on Roadshow Lincoln cuts back on sales to fleets, hopes to court millennials. This USB device will not be available to OS X or other virtual machines until you shut down your currently active virtual machine. Now if Michael Simpson can do this for one device in his delkrme time, presumably without access to Parallels source code and other useful information, why can’t the Parallels staff do that for a generic USB device, i.

There are no special drivers needed for this USB application. I can plug my Earthmate into the laptop and use it now. Would be nice if it worked!