Selecting [Ok] button will end the Bookmark function and it will go back to search screen. Connecting external Sensor …………………………. Click on [Choose Beep Sound] if you wish Beep sound occurs only within the time you set. Screen quality improves as you set to higher value but file size per screen frame will increase. If a different message from the above is displayed, refer to InCD manual. Very good 32 CH.

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This is to adjust brightness of stored image [Contrast] This is to adjust darkness of black and white shade. Enter the 4digit number password [Confirm]: Edited July 11, by Guest. Display mode setup 2.

On or Off 2 [Camera status displaying digineh This bar displays when the channel is being recorded on surveillance mode. It can be located each in all cameras by 4, 6, 9, 10, 13, 16 divisions of detection mode.

Screen will be empty if no image was stored from the selected camera.

You should show this warranty service sheet when you get a warranty service. Posted June 27, Please get this sheet filled when you purchase the product.


Searching multiple cameras at one time makes impossible to control image so click stop button and then choose only one camera to adjust the image. From this screen, all functions of user management can be modified. For audio configuration, refer to Page In order to record sound, a sound card or an exclusive audio board should be installed.

Then, the following screen will appear. It is done by extending and an hour when starting and delaying an hour when ending. Sign in Already have an account?

4ch diginet dvr card Hikvision h.264 dvr card HK-DS4004HCI

They have a few of them but they just mess up the system and slow things down. Soundcard mixer is installed in the system.

Motion Detection Record This is used when recording is done using motion detection. When did you buy the card 2. I dont need to install any fixes for windows ME. Even a new computer with XP loaded has like fixes installed, and new ones ongoing.

However, this is not an error.

When there is activity on the channel the button for the channel flickers. Connecting Control pin………………………………………………… 9. User 1 can modify all the setup and User 2 and User 3 can modify assigned items only. Pan angle starts from the point you started to the point where you disabled digijet setup. Share buttons are a little bit lower.


Light and alarm speaker can be selected from list of the controller type. To the guy who said “Hey peeeepz! DigiNet Installation Guide 1. Select time of the day and select drag the area and then select recording mode from [Record Mode]. When recorded image was modified from DigiNet program, WaterMark authentication and WaterMark check will tell you whether the image was modified or not.

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It shows on external monitor according to selected time automatically. DigiNet is a registered trademark of Kodicom Digital Recorder. Turn off the system before installation.