You can download files and fonts in the same batch. Overview Overview This section offers instructions to register destinations of scanned data before using the scanning features. You can also access most of these commands by clicking the icons along the left side of Thumbnail A. To make settings, touch the key displayed on the screen. For example, if objects in your Novell network environment are removed or renamed, or accounts or permissions are changed, the Print Server administrator may need to edit settings or configure new settings in IPX Novell Setup to reflect the new configuration.

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When printing requires 50v-km operator because the Print queue and Direct connection are disabledthe operator must firry a destination to all jobs received from users on the network Icon 1.

If you reprint the document, your application must download the fonts again. If you choose to align for duplex printing, enter the values for 50c-kmm three scales on Side 2 of the page, as well. When you unfold the sheet, observe that the fold lines cross three scales on three sides of the page. Trademark Information a lowly apprentice production, the. Models supported by the KX printer driver. Mailboxes For the Fiery X3eTY, mailboxes are named alphanumerically, which differs from the description in Fiery Remote Scan Help, which says firry are assigned a four-digit number.


Page 66 Selecting the Destination Continued Setting the destination by manual inputting Follow the same procedure from step 1. If you select this option unnecessarily, extra blank pages may print. Additional features are described starting on page The Job Log appears in a new browser window. Scan jobs stored scanned data are listed. In addition, make sure you complete the preliminary procedures described in Preparing for installation on Windows computers on page 9.

When you override these types of options, the job is automatically reripped for printing. Model Cn Only Ethernet Connection PhotoX also provides other tools likes. The raster data in RAM is not cleared until memory is needed to rasterize the next job.

The [Key operator mode] screen appears to switch the key operator mode. The Fiery X3eTY appears in a list of configured servers. You must resolve the conflict by choosing different print options or removing certain Mixed Media specifications. If you click Edit, type new settings for the definition and click Modify. Using the Giery Features If [E-Mail] is not selected, touch [E-Mail].

If you experience problems printing EPS files with Downloader, you can print the file directly from the application in which you created it. Fiery Remote Scan plug-in Go to X3ty Minolta Global; Sitio web global.



For example, when an A3 original is loaded and you select B5, then the scanning takes fierh the B5 frame. Network Management Utility Network Management Utility Foreword Welcome Network Management Utility is utility software that provides central control over printers, copiers, and sindows devices on a network.

The following sentence is contained in the text of E-Mail automatically when transmitting a message as an attached file. Be sure to provide this information to all users before proceeding with More information.

Monitor the status of jobs sent to hot folders. Before editing or merging raster files with the thumbnail windows, make sure the source files were RIPped ifery the print option settings for the final output.

The font backup file is saved. Installation Guide Command WorkStation 5. For additional troubleshooting information, see Command WorkStation Help.

For more information about using these features, see Command WorkStation Help.