Polling rate is measured in Hz and gaming mice go up to hz, you can usually adjust it in your mouse settings. You will notice the effects of in-game mouse sensitivity more at range. SamLuo Also, the feedback is good and the side key is slightly hard. Gaming on a large flat consistent surface helps your muscle memory understand the resistance required to move and stop the mouse on the pad. Optimal Game Settings Lets first address some general game settings that “a lot” of games have in the options menu. Re-position your cables so there is less weight, or you can use a gaming mouse bungee.

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Fuhlen Wireless Mouse A03G Computer Accessories

The other products non Joybuy mohse products will be charged separately; 4. You’re Using Your Mouse Wrong! DPI stands for dots per inch. Speed vs Accuracy Manufactures sell a number of gaming mouse pads, with different surface types. Applicable products includes and only includes books from Joybuy Collection; 2. Sort by Default Default. Fulfilled by Joy Collection.

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When mouse acceleration is disabled, no matter how hard or fast you move your mouse the movements will be like for like. With mouse acceleration on if you move the mouse in one direction fast for a distance of 2 inches, it will move a completely different distance than if you moved it slowly for 2 inches.


If you have mouse acceleration enabled, the distance the mouse pointer travels on the screen is dictated by how fast you move the mouse in that direction.

I tried a number of the usual troubleshooting steps, long story short, the pad was dirty. This guide will help you understand your mouse settings and how to change mouse DPI, sensitivity, acceleration and polling rate to be a better gamer. Gaming Mouse Setup Guide This guide will help you understand your mouse settings and how to change mouse DPI, sensitivity, acceleration and polling rate to be a better gamer.

Laser mice are a bit better, but your still at a disadvantage using a reflective surface over a matte mouse pad. Begins in 08 D 08 Mosue 08 Sec.

Personally I’ve noticed a significant improvement when I have the mouse mat configured within Synapse settings. It’s really down to personal fuhln, screen resolution, mouse type and the game you’re playing.

Keep the Pad Clean!

Reviews from Russian Site. Content on this site is for reference purposes, and we recommend that you contact the seller for additional information on the product. If you try and aim at a small dot in the distance and try to move your mouse you’ll notice your tiny movements are not precise enough to accurately aim where you are instructing with your mouse. The lower you set the in game mouse sensitivity the better.


Your mouse should be in the center of the screen, and your gaming chair should be adjusted so that your arm is it at a right angle to the mouse. Bundle Deals Related Items. Follow the simple Step-by-Step methodology below:. Get a mouse bungee and vastly reduce cable drag.

Gaming Mouse Setup Guide for Mouse DPI & Sensitivity in Windows 10

You don’t need to be hanging on for dear life during your FPS battles. When you make a movement it often skips over the target, as the controller lacks the required precision.

Make sure the setting underneath “Enhance pointer precision” is not ticked, this is what Windows calls mouse acceleration. But on modern PC’s this should not cause an issue, so go ahead and max it out. Fully compliant with my expectations, fuhen price is also right, the keyboard is also a brand that fhhlen also available, it’s good and the cost performance is very high.

Get a Gaming Mouse Mat. While we try to ensure product information is accurate, sellers may occasionally amend product information.

There is no best mouse DPI for gaming. Set the polling rate to maximum, there is no disadvantage to using a higher polling rate.