Adobe eBook Microsoft Reader. Learn more about Gemstar eBooks in our Knowledge Collection. Read an eBook and save a tree. Graphics These eBooks may include a cover image. ClearType technology makes reading on-screen just like reading on paper.

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Print your eBook just like you would any other Word document. Click on the button to the left to download this free software.

eBooks: – The first ebook readers | Project Gutenberg News

The Cybook project was taken over by Bookeen, a company created in by Michael Dahan and Laurent Picard, two former engineers from Cytale. Navigation hiebooks include an eBook library, eBooks contain a table of contents, and you can add your own bookmarks. Sales were far below expectations, and Cytale closed its doors in July For more information or to purchase Microsoft Word, visit Microsoft’s website. An international patent was filed in April These dedicated electronic readers were the size of a large and thick book, with a battery, a black and white LCD screen, and a storage capacity of ten books or so.

You can also read hiebooks on your Windows computer with the hiebook reader for PC. No special eBook readers or devices required. Netscape Navigator for your Macintosh, Linux, or Unix computer.


eBook Formats

Sales were still far below expectations. Developed by Cytale, a French company created by Olivier Pujol, the Cybook 21 x 16 cm, 1 kilo was launched in January There is a library included so you can jump to any eBook, and many eBooks include a table of contents.

Ease of use No special eBook readers or devices required. Graphics These eBooks may include images, charts, etc.

Learn more about Gemstar eBooks in our Knowledge Collection.

For many people who are unfamiliar with eBooks, our Microsoft Word eBooks provide e-reading in a familiar setting – Gestar Word. Gemstar tried to launch them in Europe too, beginning with Germany, while buying 00h00, a French publisher of ebooks, in September Microsoft Word is required to read Microsoft Word eBooks. Scroll to any area of the eBook.

Visit our Palm Doc eBookstore to browse and order eBooks today. You can turn pages, change the text orientation, and enlarge the font size.

Rocket eBook

Visit our Gdmstar eBooks eBookstore to browse and order eBooks today. Simplicity These text eBooks are the height of simplicity. They could connect to the internet through a computer for the Rocket eBook or directly with a built-in modem for the SoftBook Reader.

The French startup iCodex was created in July to develop and promote the folio project. When you close your eBook, you will be automatically returned to the last page read. The facsimile mode is readable as is for any content, from sheet music to mathematical or chemical formulas, with no conversion necessary, whether it is handwritten text, calligraphy, free hand drawing or non-alphabetical writing.


Use your text editor’s Find feature to find a chapter title, word, or phrase. Turn pages in your eBook with ease, just a stylus tap takes you wherever you want to go. Notepad or WordPad or Microsoft Word or anything similar that’s capable of reading. Adobe eBook Microsoft Reader.

How about a book-sized electronic device that could store many books at once? Navigation Turn pages in your eBook with ease, just a stylus tap takes you wherever you want to go. Navigation Hypertext navigation between chapters, table of contents. Navigation Adobe PDF titles can include a list of bookmarks for easy access to the beginnings ebolk chapters, etc.