This will leave approximately one inch protruding from the block for the end wires, with longer lengths protruding from the center. Power supply components are absent. If Master port parity is to be entered or changed, continue with step The HELP command can be consulted at any time during the configuration process. Press toggle switch SW1 as required to bring up MN on alpha-numeric display. Press SW2 when desired dc code address is selected.

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Refer to following section for parallel line pinout locations. Connected unit is about to send or is sending data.

PC should show example: To set Master port baud rate, press pushbutton SW2 once, then press SW1 as required to select baud rate. If the new protkcol is in the proper range, a prompt for the next parameter is displayed.

GENISYS SERIES – Ansaldo STS | Product Support |

Batesburg, SC 4. Batesburg, SC 3. After control delivery time is entered, the display should return to DT. This will leave approximately one inch protruding from the block for the end wires, with longer lengths protruding from the center.

CS on alpha-numeric display. Both sets of opto-isolators electrically isolate input and output lines from internal circuits to prevent pgotocol voltage damage. Generic rules for constructing the assembly are as follows: Once a parameter is selected, it is entered by pressing switch SW2 execute.


GENISYS SERIES 2000 – Ansaldo STS | Product Support

Press toggle SW1 to cycle through carrier test modes. Any failure that triggers the watchdog circuit is shown by these LEDs, including failure to reset properly.

When N is selected, parameters are not written. When valid Slave address 1 is entered, PC should display next parameter. See Figure for the card enclosure back panel layout. Or, it can accept two 22 wires with orotocol maximum outside diameter of.

The bit boards differ only in direction of relay drive voltage source or sink. Press SW1 as required to bring up MS on alpha-numeric display. The second level under each application is used to set up specific configuration values such as baud rates, key delays etc. Write switch-set or default values to memory?

Wireshark ยท Wireshark-dev: [Wireshark-dev] New dissector: packet-genisys.c

After PC port baud rate is entered, display should return to SB. Cut all wires flush with the front of the block. Press SW1 as required to bring up SN on display.


No other adjustments are required prior to installation. If a given parameter is not entered within 30 seconds of call-up, the alpha-numeric display goes dark. If S2 Master port baud rate is to be entered or changed, continue with step N, Harmon MCS Refer to section 2.

NOTE The troubleshooting procedures given in this section focus on possible problems with the Enhanced Controller board.

Critical errors result in a sustained fenisys of the board and inability to reset gensys the source of the problem is eliminated.

If selecting or changing the wayside interlocking unit WIU link address, continue with step Some commands have subroutine levels. If the above checks are OK, make certain problems in related circuits and equipment are not causing apparent problems with the Bit Input or Output boards.

All power and data line connections to the card enclosure are made on the back panel of the unit. pprotocol