I would rate this club up there with any other and I have used lot’s in my short 8 year golf history. Standard 0 and Increased Draw-Bias 1. Did not add any yards to my tee shot. Great club head with options of using different shafts. Visually, the club looks stunning and the enlarged face really inspires confidence behind the ball. It comes standard with two adjustable settings to help the club become a little more personal and optimize the flight of the ball, giving the Cobra L5V one more advantage in the long game. Is easy to hit with extra large sweet spot, giving more forgiveness for wayward shots.

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This can also be because the head is cc. In contrast the club does offer the largest face in any golf driver, which when coupled with the larger sweet-spots does increase the forgiveness of off-centre hits.

Designed with the largest club face amongst all drivers available, the Cobra L5V is going to provide cohra golfer with power that even they were not cobrx they possessed. Visually, the club looks stunning and the enlarged face really inspires confidence behind the ball.

This coba a great club for me! Ratings out of 5 Looks: If you’ve got a favorite shaft it’s pretty easy to put the adapter on and experiment. Even swinging out of your shoes with a siff shaft Cobra L5V you will be somewhere close to the fairway and easily shorten up most par 5’s. Sign in or Register with Golfalot. I started out using a Cobra driver regular flex 8 years and know need stiff to keep my flight as straight as possible.


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This is the latter. Although it appears large and cumbersome the ease of shot making far out ways the initial fear. Using the Cobra L5V the ball taks off of the head with minimal impact onto the head and feels cobrra it over takes any ball no matter how hard a range ball it might be. The adjustability of this driver is a helpful added feature, but I have found leaving it at zero square works best for me.

It has a large face which gives you confidence 1 out of 1 people found the follow review helpful.

Cobra L5V Driver

Added a few yards to my driving, but better than that, keeping the ball in play! The system was clear and easy to use and is definitely more ccobra friendly than other adjustable drivers on the market.

Media Reviews Today’s Golfer. My latest purchase,is a Cobra L5V Driver. Skip to main content. I am a 39 year odl male and know with the extra 20 to 30 yards I keep up with the youngsters. Packed with an extremely high launch angle and an even higher moment of inertia, the Cobra L5V is a gem amongst mere basalt. Each driver is factory cora in the Standard position. The L5v has some increased technology in the head but it still feels much the same as the Speed LD.

This why your 3 wood goes has less slice or hook than your driver. The best driver yet. Thought it might take some getting used to but on my first outing got my k5v ever score round the local 9 holes.


If you are looking for a distance driver that is easy to shape, then you would be well advised to try out the Cobra L5V. The driver is also adjustable and you can set it to one of two positions to encourage a straight or draw biased ball flight. The Cobra L5V Driver is a premium club brimming with high technology and one that we feel delivers on nearly every front.

The large club head gives a feeling of confidence at address, had good feel at impact and delivered a consistent, penetrating ball flight with impressive distance from all areas of the face – in fact performance on mishits was so good it seemed the L5V could cope with whatever swing we threw at it! One of the louder drivers on test, but actually our lads seemed to quite enjoy the sound at impact — maybe because they all hit it so well. The club also has a lightweight carbon composite crown and sole inserts to move the CG to a position lower and further back.

Cobra L5V Driver Reviews

Your name You must enter your name. L5V Driver is a winner! It looks good and the distance, ball flight and consistency were the best I have experienced.