This problem happen because you do not have permission to connect to the database from the IP address I made sure to get the ODBC connector version 5. In the new operating systems, select the file. User Comments Add your own comment. Sign up using Email and Password.

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Connect to a MySQL database server using the. Sign up using Email and Password. In this case, you want to connect to a remote machine where MySQL is running.

USA – From abroad: Is there only 32 bit installer. These data sources are local to a computer and accessible only by the current user User level. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package”.

mysql – VB6 program using ODBC will not run in Win7 64 – Stack Overflow

If you have some error at this point, go back to Step 3 and make sure you have enough permission. But when one of our users tries to run it on their Win7 64 machine, it fails with. This release is the latest release of the 3. This is actually quite simple to do, as long as you know what to look for.


Full Unicode support at the driver level. If you find any.

USA – Toll Free: The information contained herein is subject to change without notice and is not warranted to be error-free. Mysql We have just tried this new version you speak of a few hours ago, we have just checked it again before replying to this msg with the following results from the “Windows installer”: Mark, did you install the 32bit ODBC driver on a 64bit machine?

I’m using the mysql-connector-odbc from MySQL:: It installed and works fine as far as I can tell.

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Download from a trusted source. MSI package supports both Windows 32 bit and 64 bit. Feb 3, at 2: Windows x86, bitZIP Archive, 3. Hao Nysql on Install and Create.

In this case, choose the. We are doing this on a windows-7 bit installation using, mysql-connector-odbc I have a third party reporting tool that needs the MySQL bit odbc driver.


free mysql connector odbc 64 bit – azavuzeh

Now, my old asp. During the install I ignored the compatibility warnings. A peer code review tool for Visual Studio. You can download .351 from: Improved support on Windows bit platforms. I was able to set up MySQL with no issue and confirm that the.

Click here to see the figure again. Bug Renaming an existing DSN entry would create a new entry with the new name without deleting the old entry. OR, you might have an error message like this: Pls i need free download of mysql connector msql access driver.