September 18 - Pre-Summit Activities

  • 7:00 am - 3:00 pm | Registration

      Check-in for Tours will open at 7:30am on Monday, September 18th in the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion lobby. Tour selections are first-come, first-serve. There are three tour options from which you can choose, and you can learn about each tour here. To ensure you get on the tour of your choice, be sure to arrive early! The buses will be available at 7:45am and depart promptly at 8:15am. The buses will not wait for stragglers; if you are not there before departure, the buses will have to leave without you. As a reminder, lunch is included in your tour, and you will be returned to the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion at 1pm in time for the Opening Plenary of Summit ‘17.


      Check-in for Summit will open at noon on Monday, September 18th in the lobby of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. The Opening Plenary will begin at 1:30pm, and you can review the full schedule on our website here.


      Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

  • 7:30 am - 1:00 pm | LA Social Enterprise Tours

      Join us on a tour of Los Angeles' social enterprises!

      Buy a general ticket now and, on the first day of Summit you'll have a chance to register for one of three tracks. Each track takes you on a tour of three social enterprises, ending with a lunch provided by a local social enterprise restaurant.

      We are only offering 150 tour spots, and only about a third are left for purchase, so get yours today! Tickets are $50, include lunch and can be purchased here.

      Registration for a specific tour track takes place Monday, September 18 at 7:30 a.m. at The Music Center.



      TRACK 1:

      LA Conservation Corps/River - providing job training and opportunity for at-risk youth through projects that benefit the community
      LA Kitchen - buys imperfect produce that would otherwise be discarded, to create and sell healthy goods
      MADE by DWC Boutique - empowers women to combat chronic homelessness and addiction by discovering talents and developing artisanal skills. The boutique carries hand-poured candles, fresh soaps, journals and more.
      Locol/DWC Cafe - LocoL provides quality, chef-driven fast food that inspires and engages the local community


      TRACK 2:

      LA CleanTech Incubator- a nonprofit working to grow the green economy by offering office space, CEO coaching, and access to capital networks to organizations working in energy efficiency, energy storage, green solutions and more.
      Homeboy Recycling - social enterprise hiring formerly incarcerated or gang-affiliated individuals who have graduated Homeboy's 18 month training program. They provide secure data destruction, environmentally correct recycling, electronics repair and more.
      With Love - LA cafe and produce market that commits to local hiring, fair wages and developing community programs that provide job training, health and nutrition education and more to the local community.


      TRACK 3:

      Homeboy Industries - provides support, mental health services, counseling, job training and advising to recently incarcerated men and women and former gang members
      LURN - works to turn passion projects into profit through digital publishing training and education
      Chrysalis - provides a path to self-sufficiency to homeless and low-income individuals through support and employment training

      *Food provided here from Everytable & Locol

      Everytable - Everytable provides economically diverse communities access to affordable, healthy meals.



      Offsite - Multiple Locations

September 18 - Opening Plenary & Sessions

  • 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm | Opening Plenary: The Promise of Social Enterprise

      Summit ‘17 kicks off with a reflection on our field’s purpose and promise: to create a world where everyone has access to basic needs and opportunity. Despite our collective vision, huge needs still exist among our fellow citizens, and our societal and political climate can feel anything but optimistic for creating equal opportunity. In these uncertain times, it’s all the more important for leaders to gather with, learn from and support one another in their ventures for change.

      In this session, you will hear from Kerry Sullivan, President of Bank of America Charitable Foundation, as she shares about their commitment to supporting the social enterprise sector in realizing its full potential to change the world. As a sector champion and a corporation operating a social enterprise, Bank of America serves as a powerful model for other corporations to make change. We will also be joined by Amelia Franck Meyer, Founder and CEO of Alia Innovations, as she shares her insights into the need for human connection and change theory. Amelia's journey in understanding human trauma and social change showcases how in times of uncertainty our leadership and values matters most. When we are grounded and connected, we are better equipped to persist and thrive as we navigate changing environments.

  • 3:15 pm - 4:30 pm | Breakout Sessions Round 1
    • Scaling Models and Lessons

      Scaling is a challenging and rewarding step for many social enterprises. Nevertheless, it is important to approach the process with a strategic plan and not a one-size-fits all method. Representing three different perspectives, CEO, Samasource and Kiva leaders will share their scaling experiences with you. Learn how they scaled geographically, in numbers and through innovating new business models, each on a different timeline and with various adjustments to their plan. To better understand if your social enterprise is ready to scale, attend this session and learn the different ways to do so, recognizing the pros and cons of each method.

      Salon A, 5th Floor

    • Social Enterprise and the Public Sector Partnerships

      Social enterprises have emerged in response to some social need: to provide employment to those with barriers to work, improve environmental sustainability or pursue other social impact innovations. Historically, these social enterprises have developed outside of the public sector. However, there are many opportunities to partner with the public sector to build employment pathways or develop procurement partnerships. Join us to learn about the LA:RISE employment model, LA County Social Enterprise certification program and the LA City target hire employment pathways to get inspired on how your social enterprise can partner with the public sector.

      Sponsored by:

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    • Talent & Culture: Balancing the Tension Between Program and Profit

      Social enterprises face the unique challenge of needing to turn a profit while changing the world. As such, the team of teams – staff, partners, customers, investors and board of directors – that a social enterprise engages is critical to ensuring impact and funding grow in stride. The reality is, building a team a deep understanding of and appreciation for impact and sustainability can be difficult. Join three social enterprise leaders as they share their experiences in cultivating talent and developing a culture with a balance for program and profit.

      Grand Avenue Lobby, 1st Floor

    • Why Social Enterprise Worked for Us: Crafting a Successful #SocEnt

      Those just launching or deciding how to scale a social enterprise face many choices as to their business model. Engage with a panel that represents the spectrum of social enterprise models discussing their experiences in building ventures that fulfill their mission. We’ll address different organizational options and best practices for balancing the purpose-versus-profit dynamic, while discussing the nuances in resources, legal options and limitations that differ between various models.

      Salon C, 5th Floor

  • 4:45 pm - 6:00 pm | Breakout Sessions Round 2
    • Embracing Risk and Uncertainty

      As a natural instinct, we try to avoid risk and uncertainty in our lives and careers. As a social entrepreneur, this is impossible. It’s critical to understand how to embrace the inherent risks your organization possesses. This TEDx style session will be an opportunity for you to evaluate whether or not your organization is prepared for uncertainty by listening to firsthand stories from 3Degrees, CiviCorps and Homeboy Electronics Recycling executives. They’ve been in your shoes, and they’re ready to share anecdotes of when they took a risk, what happened as a result, techniques for handling risk on a daily basis and how to create a company culture that embraces uncertainty.

      Salon A, 5th Floor

    • The Power of Institution-Building: How to Empower Workers and Influence Industries on a National Scale

      Worker-centered social enterprises have demonstrated their power to transform lives. For 40 years, the ICA Group has focused on scaling this impact and promoting systems-level change by building institutions that raise standards in low-wage industries to create dignified, quality jobs for workers. In home care, ICA developed Cooperative Home Care Associates – the largest cooperative in the US with over 2,200 workers – and its affiliated training and policy organization, Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute. ICA also created and runs the Alternative Staffing Alliance, a national network of staffing enterprises that annually place and support 21,000 disadvantaged job seekers. Join ICA to hear about lessons learned in scale-oriented employment social enterprise development and to learn about current strategies happening in home care, child care, and alternative staffing.

      Sponsored by:
      Image result for ica group logo

      Salon B, 5th Floor

    • Knowing Your Customer: Building a Healthy Brand

      Take this chance to hear from industry leaders on the nuanced practice of learning and appealing to your social enterprise’s audience in order to better achieve your goals. Growing from vision to reality in any business requires a clear understanding of the audience to whom you’re speaking. In the sector of socially minded business where the health of a brand feeds both its profit and its social impact, this is all the more important. In this session, you’ll learn how these sector leaders have come to understand their customers, the market knowledge they’ve gained along the way and the way they’ve adjusted their brands accordingly.

      Salon C, 5th Floor

    • Open Space

      Join Open Space to connect, share and self-organize with other Summit participants around topics of interest. Modeled after Open Space Technology, unconference settings are a form of crowdsourcing that encourage participation, engagement, equality and inclusion. There is no preplanned list of topics, only time slots and a space where interested participants propose topics for discussion. Co-create the agenda with other participants in parallel sessions to take charge of your own experience, learning and solutions in a way that unlocks creativity.

      Grand Avenue Lobby, 1st Floor

September 18 - Evening Summit Activities

  • 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm | Summit ’17 Welcome Reception

      Reflect on the day's sessions and enjoy the company of your social enterprise colleagues over drinks and hors d'oeuvres provided by GVNG.

      Dominic Kalms

      Grand Hall, 2nd Floor

  • 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm | Dine-Arounds

      Enjoy a casual dinner with fellow social innovators after the Summit '17 Welcome Reception!  Discuss pressing challenges and new ideas in the social enterprise sector over dinner at one of Los Angeles' most popular restaurants.  

      Sign-up here.

      Note: The Dine-Arounds are dutch treat, you pay for yourself at the time of the meal. All groups will be leaving from Dorothy Chandler Pavilion at 7:00pm to walk/travel to the restaurants together.


      Offsite - Multiple Locations

September 19 - Summit Sessions

  • 6:30am - 2:00pm | Registration

      Check-in for REDFworkshop breakfast will open at 6:30am on Tuesday, September 19th in the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion lobby.


      Check-in for Summit will open at 7:30am on Tuesday, September 19th in the lobby of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. The Morning Plenary will begin at 8:15am.

      You can review the full schedule here.


      Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

  • 7:00 am - 8:15 am | REDFworkshop Breakfast

      REDF invites employment social enterprises for an interactive breakfast to learn about their newly integrated platform REDFworkshop. During the breakfast, they will demonstrate their brand new social enterprise directory mapping feature and discuss ways to strengthen capacity and connections to the field.  For all employment social enterprises – don’t forget to fill out the First Annual REDF National Employment Social Enterprise Census!


      Salon C, 5th Floor

  • 8:15 am - 9:30 am | Leading Good Live Podcast: Social Enterprise For All

      Join us as we kickoff our new partnership and 12-part series with Leading Good, a top-rated social impact leadership podcast. This plenary will feature a live podcast with Steph Speirs, Founder and CEO of Solstice and Rod Arnold of Leading Good. Solstice is radically expanding access to clean energy through financing, building and selling community-based solar to underserved American households. Hear how leading good translates to opportunity for all as Steph shares her vision of an America where every household can participate in renewable energy, including the 45 million low-income renters that are currently locked out of the solar market.

      Sponsored by:


      Grand Hall, 2nd Floor

  • 9:45 am - 11:00 am | Breakout Sessions Round 3
    • Engaging Tech in Solutions for Social Change

      There is no denying the ability for technology to change lives, but to what extent can it be used as a platform for creating social impact? Join leaders from and Airbnb as they discuss how technology can better link intention with action and how proximity to social challenges enables us to develop empathy and engage in solutions for social change.

      Sponsored by:

      Image result for airbnb logo

      Salon A, 5th Floor

    • Developing the Local Ecosystem for Social Enterprise: How to Find Your Role and Foster Inclusivity

      In local social enterprise ecosystems, finding your niche in a dynamic support network may be confusing, but ultimately influences the community’s health. For guidance in this journey, join our speakers as they discuss personal challenges and successes of crafting an effective role in their local ecosystem, address the necessity to build a framework of inclusivity and offer advice to maximize your current assets and capabilities. Together, we will review how to leverage partners to benefit social enterprises, provide guidelines for programs that build supportive communities for minorities and discuss how the social enterprise model is challenging ideas of traditional capitalism.

    • What It Takes for Meaningful Employment: How Social Enterprises are Supporting the Disability Community

      Join this session for an exclusive look into how Bank of America’s social enterprise, Support Services, works with partners to help promote economic mobility and meaningful employment for the disability community. Formed in 1990, the Support Services team employs over 300 associates with developmental disabilities to provide Bank of America businesses with the products and services they need, while providing meaningful employment to people with disabilities. This session will share the Bank of America playbook on best practices and lessons learned when engaging the disability community in meaningful employment – from hiring and placement to retention and better money habits.

    • Leveraging Data for Action and Impact

      The social sector operates on numerous dimensions when it comes to data and impact. As a result of this complexity, obtaining data, using it correctly and maintaining privacy are challenges many social enterprises face. This workshop will feature a powerful framework and practice for how to collect and understand the data you need to make your programs better, while interpreting that data to adequately showcase your social enterprise’s lasting impact.

      Jim Fruchterman

      Grand Avenue Lobby, 1st Floor

  • 11:15 am - 12:30 pm | Breakout Sessions Round 4
    • Entrepreneurial Resilience: A Sustainable Strategic Framework

      Most entrepreneurs attribute failure to lack of grit, unsound strategy and sloppy planning. Or maybe it’s inhibited creativity, inconsistent revenue or ineffective teams. Through our intimate work with entrepreneurs, we’ve learned that dysfunction in these areas is a symptom of something more fundamental: a lack of entrepreneurial resilience. What is entrepreneurial resilience and how does it impact the way we respond to the ever-changing needs of our enterprises? Entrepreneurial resilience is the ability to be consistently present enough to identify our challenges, recognize what needs to shift and respond effectively to any situation — time and again. Join for an interactive exploration where you will learn how to cultivate mind/body resilience and apply a new strategic framework that fosters your enterprise’s evolution in a healthy and sustainable way.

      Salon B, 5th Floor

    • Lead from Within: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Social Enterprise

      Social enterprises across the country are promoting inclusive communities and opening opportunistic doors for under-served populations. However, not all organizations actually “walk the talk” by cultivating diversity within their own workplace. As an executive leadership development firm in the social sector, Envision Consulting will offer examples of tough questions to ask of your organization when analyzing its level of inclusivity. It won’t be as simple as asking, “how can we build a pipeline of diverse candidates?” Join this workshop to learn how to build a more equitable company culture with values that attract talent from all different backgrounds.

      Grand Avenue Lobby, 1st Floor

    • Mastering Mindful Storytelling: How to Respect Community Narratives and Promote Social Enterprise

      What are the tactics and insights of social enterprises that tell their stories so well? Although it’s desirable to create stories that engage a consumer audience, it is important to respect the narratives of those you seek to help by keeping in mind that social enterprise is not giving away charity, but rather creating opportunities for people in need to achieve self-sufficiency, access to goods and services they are otherwise excluded from and to find agency in those experiences. Attend this session to better understand the storytelling process within the unique framework of social enterprise. Hear from leaders who have mastered the balance of promotion and reverence for the communities in which they work.

      Sponsored by:

      Salon A, 5th Floor

    • Turning Competition on Its Head: Explorations in Social Enterprise Ecosystem Development

      Collaboration is in. More and more, organizations recognize the value of working together to solve complex problems. But what happens when the potential collaborators are actually competitors? In social enterprise ecosystems, organizations recognize not only customers, suppliers and supporters but also their competitors. How does this benefit their overall mission? What are the essential ingredients to taking on this approach? During this panel, we’ll hear from members of Catalyst Kitchens, a collaborative network of non-profit organizations with a shared vision to empower lives through job training, self-generate revenue through social enterprise, and nourish communities through quality food. Join us to explore ecosystem development in three different locations: Baltimore, Seattle, and the Bay area, hearing directly from the folks at the center of this work.

      Sponsored by:

      Image result for catalyst kitchen logo

      Salon C, 5th Floor

  • 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm | Networking Lunch

      Over lunch, feel free to continue the conversations from the sessions with your peers in small dialogue circles, or enjoy the time to network, check-in with work and simply enjoy beautiful downtown Los Angeles!


      Grand Hall, 2nd Floor and/or Outside

  • 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm | Annual SEA Member Meeting

      Join your fellow SEA members for the annual membership meeting. Meet the SEA team, learn what's new and what's coming, and share your ideas and input for increasing member success.

      This meeting is for Members only. You will be asked to sign up for this meeting upon registering for Summit '17.

      Salon A, 5th Floor

  • 2:00 pm - 3:15 pm | Breakout Sessions Round 5
    • Navigating Accessibility and Readiness for Mainstream Markets

      As social enterprises seek to expand their impact, it is imperative that they share their products and services with consumers outside of their immediate network. A piece of this puzzle is identifying and selling through mainstream markets, which already have the regional and national reach to create significant change. But, when capacity and resources are limited, understanding how to enter these markets is a seemingly impossible task. In this session, hear from leaders in social enterprise who have successfully navigated these waters and can provide insight into accessing and leveraging the power of mainstream markets.

      Salon A, 5th Floor

    • Employment Social Enterprise Scaling: Highlighting Pathways to Business Growth

      This panel will feature the leaders of three dynamic employment social enterprises that have led (or are leading) their enterprises through periods of significant growth and change, resulting in new sources of business revenue, new geographies served and more people employed. Robyn Householder will speak about Goodwill Staffing Group’s pathway to organic growth and launching three brand new business lines in two years. Megan Karch will highlight the importance of vision and relationship building, and how a long-standing corporate partnership led to an enormous new business opportunity for FareStart. Richard Martinez will share his experience of leading a social enterprise to scale nationally and how rapid growth has changed both the business and programs at Juma.

      Sponsored by:

      Image result for redf logo

    • Illinois, the Delaware of Social Enterprise: What the Right Public Policies Can Mean for the Success of Your Social Enterprise

      Social Enterprise attorney Marc J. Lane, who drafted Illinois’ Low-profit Limited Liability Company (L3C) law, went on to draft the Executive Order creating the Governor’s Task Force on Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Enterprise, which he chaired, and the Ordinance establishing the Cook County Commission on Social Innovation, which he currently serves as Vice Chair. The Task Force was charged with incubating actionable, data-driven social policy recommendations for the Governor, the State’s departments and agencies, and the General Assembly. The Commission does the same for the Cook County Board and the County’s agencies and departments. Marc will explain exactly how the State and the County came to embrace their respective roles as agents of change and leaders by example; and how the Social Enterprise community and the evolving Social Impact Ecosystem are benefiting from the Task Force’s and the Commission’s innovative work as conveners, catalysts and collaborators.

      Sponsored by:

      Image result for law offices of marc j lane logo

      Marc Lane

      Salon C, 5th Floor

    • Storytelling in the Age of Technology: Using Virtual Reality to Engage Audiences and Inspire Action

      In today’s fast-paced and information-saturated culture, quick and engaging storytelling is critical to capture your audience’s attention and increase awareness of your organization’s work. During this hands-on session, In One Minute will focus on the importance of brevity in storytelling and explore how immersive storytelling can re-engage the empathy and trust of audiences. Learn how to leverage Google cardboards, 360/virtual reality and augmented reality to showcase stories and inspire action. Additional opportunities include practicing methods of quickly telling stories on a mobile phone, structuring a story, filming it with a group and seeing the end product during the session!

      Elle Toussi

      Grand Avenue Lobby, 1st Floor

  • 3:30 pm - 4:45 pm | Breakout Sessions Round 6
    • Demystifying Social Finance: Identifying, Securing and Leveraging Funding at All Stages

      Join this session to have your most pressing questions about funding social enterprises answered by the experts. How do social enterprises raise capital to start up, shape up and scale up? What similarities and differences are there between non-profit and for-profit financing? What are innovative ways to leverage grants, debt and equity investments to benefit your social enterprise? Identify the most applicable funding for your organization through peer-to-peer learning with RSF Social Finance, Tides Foundation and Beneficial Returns representatives. You’ll leave this session with actionable insights and a greater sense of clarity regarding the convoluted world of social finance.

      Sponsored by:

      BBVA Compass

    • Competing on All Levels: Lessons in Prioritizing Relevant and Quality Products

      Traditionally, it has been believed that the social mission should be the top priority of social entrepreneurs. However, the sector is moving away from this perspective, shifting to the belief that social enterprises should be competing on all levels and quality should not have to be sacrificed to have a positive impact. Some social enterprises have learned that telling your story may attract first time customers but quality and relevant products is what keeps people coming back. Join leaders from Krochet Kids International, Piper Wai and Greyston Bakery as they discuss the costs and risks associated with what it takes to compete on all levels.

      Salon B, 5th Floor

    • Innovation from Impact

      While it’s imperative for all social enterprises to measure their impact, the big question is how to respond to the results of this measurement data. When we dig into our impact, we often find hidden truths or exciting outcomes that we didn’t anticipate, but how can we best leverage this information? Join this session to hear from three social enterprise leaders who responded to their discoveries in different ways. Learn from their struggles in those processes, what the rewards have been, how they built organizational support for change and created innovative solutions for sustainable impact that drive their ventures today.

    • Building Your Leadership Story

      In this interactive and experiential workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the art and science of storytelling as a tool to build strong relationships, foster community and inspire your community to action. You will come away with a new understanding of exactly why storytelling is so effective, six story types that all leaders and organizations must tell and the experience of building and sharing two stories of your own using a structure adapted from the work of community organizer Marshall Ganz. We’ll also discuss common pitfalls, how to integrate stories into your leadership communication and how embracing a ‘Storytelling Culture’ can enhance your work beyond communication strategy.

      Michael Kass

      Grand Avenue Lobby, 1st Floor

September 19 - Social Good Festival

  • 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm | Social Good Festival

      As part of the closing celebration of Summit ’17, Social Enterprise Alliance is hosting a public festival at Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles. Enjoy a vibrant evening where all Summit attendees and the general public are invited to meet, enjoy entertainment, food, drinks and shopping at on-site marketplace to support local Los Angeles' social enterprise community. Stay updated with our Facebook event!


      Grand Park LA